Purpose In Pajamas (NOLA) Recap



Over this past weekend, I attended the Purpose In Pajamas event in New Orleans, LA at NOLA Spaces.  This event was created and hosted by Danielle Matthews, founder of iPray Pretty, a religious organization that inspires women to embrace their beauty from within.

Upon entering NOLA Spaces a bit early, I saw Danielle for the first time.  I was introduced to her via social media a couple years ago by my cousin.  Danielle was still setting up the tables before the event started when I arrived and naturally, I offered to help her, if needed.  She accepted my offer and walked me over to her vendor table that was to display her popular iPray Pretty t-shirts.  Danielle instructed me to and I quote, “You can place the t-shirts on the table however God places on your heart to do so.”  I began putting my working at Footlocker as a teenager, folding shirts skills to work and she loved the display.  A true divine connection happened in that moment.

I’m currently reading a book called, Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazi and Tahl Raz.  In this book, he talks about how to effectively network and I challenged myself to go out to more events such as this one, to network and meet other women.  This particular event stood out to me especially because of it’s title.  I knew that the conversations that we would be having,  at this event was going to encourage me to continue to walk in my purpose.

The event opened up with a prayer by Danielle, immediately following the prayer was a praise dance that spoke to the hearts of every woman in the room.  There were also other vendors there selling their products.  During this event, the highlight activity was to create a vision board that would help us with planning our life’s purpose,  to be more intentional.  I’ve been to vision board parties before but I have never been to one where the host went the extra mile and created a PowerPoint presentation as a prelude to get us started on creating our vision boards.

Danielle gave up five key points to think about as we created our vision boards:

  1. Discover your purpose or the truth
  2. Discover your expertise
  3. Commit to your purpose 
  4. Write the vision or your plan
  5. Accountability (you need at least three people who can hold you hold you accountable while you are fulfilling your purpose in life)

Lastly, but certainty not least, there was food, cupcakes and complimentary mimosas.  I love any event with food and complimentary drinks.  We played games and just had a great time talking to and sharing our stories with one another.  One of the games we played is called M.A.S.H. which stands for Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House.  The results of this game, was so prophetic because it spoke to EVERY part of my dream that I have for myself to fulfill my purpose in life.

To see pictures and videos from this event click on the hashtag #PurposeInPajamasNOLA and/or follow Danielle’s Instagram @iPrayPretty to purchase her products and keep up with her events that she has coming up.


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