I ALWAYS write out my scripts first before typing them on my laptop.  I’m currently working on rewriting my stage play, “God, Do I Hear Wedding Bells?” and writing my first script for a television show that I’ve had on my mind for awhile but just didn’t know how to correctly format scripts for television or film.  Well last month, I conquered that kind of fear of writing and learned how to do screenwriting.  I’m not done learning of course, but now it’s time for me to put what I’ve learned, on paper and share my stories with my audiences, television and film executives and anybody else.

My biggest role model, Tyler Perry mentioned during an interview that he didn’t go to college to learn filmmaking.  A lot of what he knows now, he either taught himself and/or learned from his experiences on set and I too am following in a similar path.  Although I’m making huge personal sacrifices to turn yet another dream of mine into a reality, I’m ready to put in the work/writing to get there and dear God, am I leaning on Him for the strength and patience I need throughout this journey.

It’s Monday, what are you motivated to do today, for the week, month, year, etc.? Post your response in the comments.


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