Reginae Carter’s Epic Clapback

Earlier this week on “the gram” (Instagram), The Shade Room gave us an image of Reginae Carter’s clapback (response) to a viewer stating basically that she looked good but needed breasts implants and then she would look better.  Poor thing wasn’t ready for the clapback that only took a few words from Reginae.  See the thread below:


So if the clapback wasn’t enough, momma bear Toya Wright came through in the clutch TWICE and let another viewer know she gonna protect hers at all times and create a hashtag, so that you know it’s real #societyruinedher …..Now the one thing that you’re NOT gonna do is come for a black woman’s child edges and don’t think yours won’t get snatched!


But seriously, what has our modern day society done to our young people?  Did they all sip from the wrong Similac when they were babies?  I swear I get so tired of seeing these Instagram models and everybody else showing pictures of their ass instead of being clothed in the spirit and in truth.  These reality stars done really messed some of y’all heads up.  Or the fake exercising people just posting pics in their gym gear just to show some skin…..go have several seats, you’ve been exposed!

I love how Reginae responded with class too.  It’s a shame that these little girls are altering their bodies just to feel accepted and loved.  That’s sad.  I grew up in an era where the women on television, music videos and films had C-L-A-S-S and my favorite, they were R-E-S-P-E-C-T-E-D.  A man showed a woman some respect back then and the women were all naturally beautiful.  They didn’t have fake and spiked eyelashes, fake butts and breasts and I can count on my hand who wore weave.  For example, momma Clair Huxtable on The Cosby Show wasn’t twerking all in the cameras with Vanessa or Rudy.  Or Patti LaBelle with her “chipmunk” Dwayne Wayne on A Different World, she wasn’t rich like Whitley’s momma but the woman had class.

Young girls and some women today are killing themselves just to “look” a certain way and to attract what?  The wrong attention because that’s all you’re gonna get.   I’m proud of women like Toya Wright who take the time out to tell their daughters how beautiful they are, naturally.  I’m a momma bear, and I don’t care how old my children get, I’m gonna protect them as much as I can and better yet, BE the woman and human being that I aspire for them to be someday.

What are your thoughts on these negative comments to Reginae and Toya?  Post your response in the comments.


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