Well Damn, Excuse YOU!


The one thing that irritates my soul is a rude person.  Unfortunately they do exist.  How does a person include themselves into a conversation that is going on to bark their demands? …..Meet “Jane” as I’ll call her in this post.  I know someone (Jane) who is so rude and I’m often tempted to let her know about herself.  But then the Christian in me, knows I won’t speak to her in a nice enough way in that moment, so I just shut my mouth cause I need to get into those pearly white gates in the afterlife. Readers, help me stay out of the pit of hell for snatching someone’s edges for being rude all of the time.


Jane could enter a room, see a conversation going on and just start talking to whomever she has a message for WITHOUT saying “Excuse me.”  Now, I thought we learned this simple polite way of interrupting a conversation in kindergarten and for some of y’all who were privileged to attend daycare, possibly then.  I’m sorry, I’m just not into adulting, adults.  Meaning, I’m not here to teach adults simple manners that you should’ve learned a million light years ago.  Or I wonder, does she just feel entitled to interrupt any conversation and begin talking? ……. How rude?

I really want to be rude to her one day in hopes of her seeing what it feels like, but I doubt this way of thinking will shed light on anything.  I wonder if it’s just me she does this to or does this happen anywhere Jane goes?  I’m working on me and my side eyes daily.   So do I overlook her rudeness?  Throw a little shade the next time she does it? Or be the queen of petty in only the true fashion that I know how to be and interrupt every damn conversation she has on purpose? LOL.

Do you have a co-worker, friend, neighbor or someone in your life that does this?  If so, please share how you deal with them in the comments.  




2 thoughts on “Well Damn, Excuse YOU!

  1. LAFREDIA says:

    In my younger days I would say give her a taste of her own medicine… But with growth comes wisdom so now I would over look it because it’s not she’s not worth the stress. And sometimes people don’t even realize what they may be doing.


    • Felicia T. Simpson says:

      YES!!!!!! I totally agree. The majority part of me just ignores her because I know my mouth will make this situation worse and not better. I have been making sure that I practice what I’m preaching whenever I’m around her.


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