Lee Daniels Out Here Owing Damon Dash $2 Milly?????

Listen, I’m all for paying off debts to someone you owe (this statement does NOT include Sallie Mae, cause she just evil!).  Last week, Dam stepped to Lee Daniels at an event, going off about Daniels owing him $2 million dollars that helped him create his dreams of being a director and Daniels has yet to pay him back.  Watch the clip below:

Now, I’m not sure if that was the perfect time or place to discuss such matters of importance.  But what I gather is that, Dam hadn’t seen Daniels to have that conversation and when he did, he went off (somewhat) and it is what it is.  If I loaned someone $2 million dollars, they would not be “missing” and creating all of these successful films and television shows.  I did hear Dam say in the short clip that Daniels didn’t even invite him to none of the premiers or none of the success that came with Daniels success.

If I had an investor in accomplishing my dreams, I would most definitely invite them to my premiers, on stage or film sets and whatever else deems their presence as I aspire to direct Broadway plays and films someday.  Now if Dam was a silent investor than that changes the scenario here, to me.  There’s a pinch in my spirit that wonders if Dam is just trying to stay relevant since the decline of his Roc-a-fella days and Lee Daniels probably has a surprise movie coming out soon and this incident is just hype to make the two gentleman more money.  You know Hollywood is good for this…..

Daniels, dressed in all black with a cape-like blanket on, is looking semi-confused and it seems like he is trying to avoid a scene happening.  But Dam being Dam, is still pushing the issue and used his beloved hashtag: #paywhatyouowe in his Instagram post going into further details about the $2 million dollar loan to Daniels.  I just knew this was gonna end ugly and TMZ was gonna have the clip of Dam molly whopping Daniels at that event.

Whenever I did loan a person money, it was around $20 cause if they didn’t pay me back, oh well, no major loss to my wallet or bank account.  I’ve never been the type to loan anyone large amounts of my hard earn money because I would care too much if I didn’t get that money back.  I’m not apart of the lifestyle of the rich and famous.  I’m showing up at your door steps if you me money lol.  The loans I personally have now are the typical lifestyle loans like my car note and student loans….basically nothing in the millions that I would hide from trying to pay back!  Again, death to Sallie Mae!

Moral of the story is, if my biggest inspiration, Tyler Perry loaned me $2 million dollars to help me create my dreams of becoming a playwright, screenwriter and director in Hollywood, there’s no way I wouldn’t pay him back, plus I’d probably always try to pay something into his dreams as well, once I became successful.  So if this is true about Daniels, that’s a damn shame.  But of course, I’m sure there’s more to this story than a simple clip tweeted and Dam’s post on Instagram.

What do you think about this story?  Post your thoughts in the comments.


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