Aoki Lee Simmons, YOU Are Beautiful!!!!

Thank God I love watching Instagram stories (sorry Facebook, I’m just not that into you) because I came across this story from Aoki Lee Simmons, the daughter of Russell and Kimora Lee Simmons, (if you do not know her parents you must be too young to read this).  ALS as I’ll say from here on out, basically talked about how she decided to post more pictures of herself because she was not as confident in her looks because of how beautiful her sister Ming Lee Simmons and her gorgeous mom, Kimora are and people always compare her to them.  See her Instagram story below:

FullSizeRender (1)

Image is from Aoki Lee Simmons Instagram stories (verified)

The fact that she is BEAUTIFUL and SMART (she recently visited Yale to possibly attend that university next year if she’s accepted) no matter who she stands next to, is to be understood today, cause I have time.  I think as women, we all share this thought with ALS because we’ve stood next to another beautiful woman who may command more attention than us in a room or in a photo but that does NOT dim our light.  ALS has that innocent and adorable look and her lovely clapbacks under her sister Ming Lee posts, be hilarious (she just be playing with her).  How dare anyone post negative comments to her?  The trolls that do that are insecure about themselves obviously.

After I read this story, I instantly sent her a DM letting her know that I thought she was very beautiful.  Other celebrities shared her Instagram story pouring out their love to her and acknowledging her beauty as well.  ALS posted another “Thank you” type of story because of large amount of encouragement she received.  I remember being young and insecure about my looks.  I was always told how beautiful I was but I didn’t see it.  Boys used to call me “China doll” and I wasn’t sure if that was to be hurtful or if it was a compliment.

In this new age of everybody vlogging, I loathe being up close in front of the camera.  Have you seen these dark circles under my eyes?  I try to take pictures far back as much as I can or with sunglasses on to hide the hideous circles.  Today, I’m virtually joining ALS and showing myself more to the world.  Not to be vain, but to show the world that I may not look the best in a room full of other beautiful women, especially if Beyonce happens to be in that room, but I am beautiful inside and out.  Oh, I’m not into wearing makeup, but I’ve recently watched several YouTube tutorials on how to cover up those dark circles with some concealer, orange eyeshadow and a little powder.  My vlogs are about to be litty lol.

I feel like it is our duty as women to help lift up other girls and women and make sure to let them know that they are more than just their looks.  I have worked with girls and women and I make sure that I tell them that they are beautiful because you’d be surprised at how many of them walk around feeling insecure about their looks.  If this reminds you of yourself in any type of way, let me tell you:  YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!  Now, say it to yourself all day if you chose and be confident in knowing that that is your truth.

What are your thoughts on this?  How can we teach girls and women to love themselves more?  Post your thoughts in the comments.


4 thoughts on “Aoki Lee Simmons, YOU Are Beautiful!!!!

  1. ageofaquariusweb says:

    I totally agree that it is important to inspire and encourage this new generation of our future women. I will be checking ALS Instagram and sending her some love and I will continue to do the same thing on my end daily. GREAT SHOUT OUT TO THE BEAUTY, SHE NEEDED THAT!


  2. Michelle says:

    A beautiful heart makes a beautiful face! Ladies we have to help each other see our individual worth, take ownership of your beauty, your eyes are pretty, my lips are fuller, my hips are wider, your waist is smaller, WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL in our own right! Now let’s flaunt it💃🏽❤️


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