Writing Sample


Scene 1

(Trisha sits at the kitchen table feeling sad and depressed)


Lord, what happened? I used to be so happy and pretty.  Now I feel like my house and my body is being torn apart. I can’t go around my friends and family looking and feeling like this.  James is not acting like the man I met.  The man I met, was so loving, romantic and kind.  I remember when he would surprise me and take me out on dates. He would send me flowers every week and chocolate covered strawberries with the funniest Hallmark cards.  Now, I barely get a “Hello or How’s your day?” call or text from him.


(James enters the stage very upset and slams the house door shut.)

Trisha, where the hell are you?

(Trisha is still seated at the kitchen table while James is speaking to her harshly.)


What are you doing, sitting here daydreaming? Never mind, you are no good to me anyway.  Why do I even bother putting up with someone like you?  What are you doing in here, talking to yourself? I don’t have money for you to go see some fancy doctor, to lay on their couch for hours talking about nothing.  You can forget that.  To think I married you, you’re so pathetic.  I can’t stand to look at you anymore, you just let yourself go.


(Trisha slowly approaches James.)

James, I was in here praying, asking God to fix our marriage, and not to mention some other areas in my life.  I know I haven’t been looking my best and I don’t want to bother you with my problems, so I was just in here talking to God, instead.  How was your day honey?


(James turns his back to Trisha.)

Woman, God ain’t listening to your prayers.  He never did, and He never will.


(Trisha steps in front of James.)

James, God does…


(James cuts her off immediately and is very upset.)

Listen, I don’t want to hear nothing about your God and prayers, get out of my face.